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Friday, May 12, 2006

Low Ceiling

Low Ceiling
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We seem to be prescient when it comes to predicting the weather. Adam decided last Sunday that today would be a ground lesson, and there you have it, it rained anyway. We actually got quite a bit accomplished today in just an hour and a half.

During the week I worked on my ASA test prep in the aircraft performance section. That covered weight and balance, and aircraft performance. So we reviewed that tonight in the specific case of good old 02E. It was a small kick in the head when, calculating weight and balance for 02E we found that with a full tank of gas and Adam and myself as the only occupants, we didn't miss maxing out the weight by a whole lot. So if I plan of taking the whole family up, we're going to have to offload some gas.

We also looked over the Operating Handbook for the Cessna 172N. It has tons and tons of important information on the aircraft and its systems. It's important for me to be familiar with it because the examiner will ask me any number of questions about the airplane in which I will be taking my checkride.

Finally, we reviewed the pre-solo written test. Adam was very pleased with it and my verbal responses to his questions. So I'm getting ever so close to my first solo, except one thing. Adam's getting married next weekend, so it might be another couple of weeks before I get back in the plane. So in the meantime, I'm going to hit the books and try to complete the practice tests so that he can sign off that I'm ready to take the FAA knowledge exam. I've set myself a goal of taking the exam by the end of June, but earlier would be nice.

So there we are. I'll find a way to get some content in here during this break of sorts. Take care for now.


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