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My father was a pilot. He died doing what he loved to do. It has been a goal of my life to become a pilot. Now I have chance to do so. Follow me as I pursue my dream.

Friday, June 09, 2006

KRYV 092356Z AUTO 09007KT 10SM OVC090 12/12 A3006 RMK AO2

I had been grinding myself all week, waiting for a chance to redeem myself after last Sunday's debacle. If I could just get some practice in tonight, with the tips I took away from the last lesson, then I should solo on Sunday.

The weather deteriorated as the day wore on, to the point where there was light rain when I got to the airport. Adam was running a little late with the earlier student (who happens to be my dentist), so I was left to sulk in the lounge area watching the weather get worse. Just an hour earlier the METAR was reporting a ceiling of 3300' AGL, just higher than minimums. I even brought my textbook with me, certain we were going to do ground school. To top it off, more rain seemed to be heading in from the northwest.

So when Adam came out and told me we can get some circuits in, my mind jumped. I had to reframe my brain, if you will, and get in the plane. But that's why the preflight walkaround is so useful. It really gets you focused. That said, I still fumbled at bit with the seatbelt while strapping in. We made our way to Runway 11, and we were off.

First time around, I had to lose a little altitude just before touchdown, I picked up too much speed, and floated a little down the runway. But it was straight. The second landing, not a full flare, a three point landing. A little right of the center line. But it was straight. Remember to aim for the numbers and pull power as you pass over them, Adam says. Next landing. Perfect. Now I had it. I had my sight picture fixed. My speed was right, and my flare was right. It was all right. And so it was. Six landings, all straight.

After the last landing, as we head back to the taxiway, Adam gives me the "nice job" compliment. Now that I could relax, all I could say was, "Wow!" It was the best hour I've had in a plane yet. I finally feel like I have it locked in. Give me three clean on Sunday, Adam says, and you're soloing.

We shall see.


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