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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Last Solo

KRYV 061916Z AUTO 28011KT 10SM BKN027 03/M02 A2993 RMK AO2

As a student, at any rate. The morning dawned with a low ceiling and marginal visibility, but the forecast called for improving conditions and that's what happened. The ceiling was questionable considering my solo endorsement, but it went from broken to scattered just as I fired up zero two echo. That meant I could leave the pattern and get in some last cleanup before my final phase check with Kevin next Friday.

The cold temperatures today let zero two echo jump off the runway. I was climbing 1000' per minute while maintaining 73kts climb speed. Really was quite remarkable. I found a spot just south of Clyman for some maneuvering work and I began with the rectangular course. That was followed by a turn around a point to the left, then a turn around a point to the right, then s-turns. I easily maintained the altitude and speed requirements, and while they weren't perfect circles, they should satisfy the examiner just fine.

Then it was back to the patch, and the first landing was a short field. I did float it slightly, but I got it down and stopped in about the right distance. The next time around was a forward slip to landing with flaps at 10 degrees on the final. I have trouble judging the right distance on these, since I start final almost at pattern altitude. That means losing 1000 feet of altitude in little more than a half a mile. So I pegged right rudder and dropped the left wing and wished that baby down. I did well to avoid exceeding flaps maneuvering speed, but I still one hopped the landing. Back around two more times, one a short field, and the other a normal landing and it was back to the ramp.

My solo work is done. A phase check with Kevin, a clean up session with Adam, and I'm ready for the final practical test.


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